Mishap Law Group is an emerging injury law firm

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New Law Firm, Accident Law Group, Offers a Unique and Personal Approach to Accident Law

Ingenious and emerging injury law practice Accident Law Group opened their first office in Tempe late last year. The new entity opened its doors in late December representing people who are not only hurt in an accident, however also wronged by their insurance coverage company.

Led by lawyers Joseph L. Brown and Carl A. Engstrand, Accident Law Group (ALG) is a leading carrier of legal services associating with all elements of mishap injury while providing a personal and genuine approach to every case that crosses their desk. The two highly-respected lawyers formed ALG in wish to resolve the problem they saw at their previous companies; direct access to the attorney.

Accident Law Group utilizes its renowned knowledge and competence to make the process of dealing with a mishap as seamless as possible. At ALG, the attorneys understand the challenging challenges that mishap victims face and assist to provide the support and relief they understand their customers deserve.

” We understand the damage an accident can do, both physically and mentally,” Accident Law Group Founder Carl A. Engstand said. “We wish to help accident victims who are being wronged by their insurance services and help fight for a reasonable recuperation. At ALG, my clients’ task is to get much better, and my job is to obtain them there.”

Usually, mishap victims are left hurt, alone, and cheated by their insurance coverage services, and the undeviating and thoughtful lawyers of Accident Law Group supporter for each customer by accurately detecting the mishap and identifying the winning method. At ALG, each client is treated like an individual, not a number and assured the outcome that they need.



Accident Law Group prides themselves on their compassion and professionalism, in addition to their 15 years of experience representing injured individuals versus insurance services. The legal representatives of Accident Law Group assure passionate legal representation by creating relationships in between clients and workers, which help makes an excellent settlement a great one.

Accident Law Group opened its doors for new company on December 28, 2015, in Tempe at 3923 South McClintock Drive, Suite # 400, while likewise running a satellite office in Phoenix.

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Distribution of Injury Proceeds to Heirs of a Decedent’s Estate

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In basic, if there is an injury action worrying the death of the Decedent it is normal that two types of claims are asserted in this action. The first claim is generally a wrongful death claim, and the second claim may be a survivorship claim. In general, the survivorship claim is distributed in accordance with the Decedent’s Last Will and Testament. Hence, the proceeds from the settlement or judgment are usually paid to the recipients of the Decedent’s Estate in the percentage stated under the Last Will and Testament. That is because the survivorship claim is deemed to be property of the Decedent’s Estate.

The other claim which is brought, the wrongful death claim is not distributed in the same style to heirs of the Estate.In a wrongful death claim, the proceeds realized from the personal injury claim are not dispersed in accordance with the terms of the Will. Rather, these proceeds are dispersed in the same style as if the Decedent had actually passed away without a Will. This might result in a various circulation of the earnings had they been distributed pursuant to the Last Will and Testament, as an heir or a child of the Decedent might not be a beneficiary under the Will, however, they would however receive a pro rata share of the earnings from the wrongful death claim.


As such, in figuring out how the earnings from an injury lawsuit might be dispersed to the heirs or children of a Decedent, is essential that both the Will, in addition to all prospective beneficiaries of the Decedent’s Estate be thought about. If there are any concerns regarding whether a recipient and/or heir of the Decedent ought to get proceeds from a personal injury action, it is recommended that you speak with personal injury attorney santa ana california.

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Denver Accident Law office Leventhal Sar Welcomes Clients to New Site

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Leventhal Sar LLC announced Monday the launch of its new practice website. Attorneys at the firm were able to attain their goal of a site that highlights usability and modern design by enlisting the services of Page 1 Solutions, a Web marketing firm based in Golden, Colorado.

” We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new site, which was developed with the invaluable support of Page 1 Solutions here in Colorado,” said Sean Leventhal, partner attorney and co-founder of Leventhal Sar. “We hope that leventhalsarlaw.com will be a handy resource for people who have actually been hurt or who are having problems with their insurance coverage company.”

Personal injury plaintiffs seeking information about their case can find a substantial library of content on the Leventhal Sar website. This consists of pages on major case types such as car mishaps, medical malpractice and wrongful death, along with claims that are more special to Colorado, such as snowboarding and snowboarding accidents.

The design of the site makes navigation to a visitor’s next location of interest practical and straightforward. The main menu “sticks” to the top of the screen, permitting users to click to a brand-new page from anywhere on the website. Engagement elements on the home page record the eye through imagery while linking visitors to material on common injury claims and the attorneys’ bio pages.

Leventhal and partner and co-founder Jonathan Sar are plainly featured in imagery throughout the website, constructing connection with visitors and showing the firm’s philosophy of personalized representation. Testimonials in the “What Our Clients Say” area are incorporated in the design on the home page and as part of the mini-contact kind on internal pages of the website.

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