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A pilgrimage is a personal journey and there are no rules. You can travel to any place, church or city in the world depending on your faith and your beliefs. However, even though planning a pilgrimage to the best churches in the world is an excellent idea, it involves a lot of work. The actual planning process can be a little complicated. To help you plan your perfect trip, you will also need to find convenient worldwide flights to see the best churches at an affordable price range. To help you out, we've created a short but useful guide that you can use.

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Planning the route -- There are so many beautiful religious places in the world that you do need to plan an itinerary. For example, a balance pilgrimage usually covers all the religious spots in a particular area. A focused pilgrimage will center on a particular theme like Catholic churches, Anglican Churches, etc according to your requirements. You can do the planning yourself or you can hire a tour agency to compare the routes and deals available.

Going with -- Ideally, a pilgrimage or tour means you can take people along with you to feel the whole religious experience. Most tour agencies will already have a fully booked group. However, if you want you can arrange a tour for a group of people from your own church, community or your family. Like-minded friends, your family, church members and colleagues are ideal. Some tours automatically hire a priest or religious leader to accompany the group during the tour. The religious leader may offer prayer, guide you during meditation, answer questions and generally guide you during the trip. Professional religious tours will also provide medical personnel for senior citizens.

Travel -- Flights are usually the only way to travel. However, most airlines do not have direct worldwide flights to see the best churches in the world. You may have to book connecting flights or the tour agency will do the job for you. Booking a group together on the same flight will definitely mean a cheaper rate with a group discount. On top of that, professional tour agencies usually do get a discount due to industry contacts. It's a far better idea to book through the agency to get the best rates.

Cost and deals -- The entire tour will cost you in the form of accommodation, food and local travel. In case you are hiring a tour agency, the agency will cover all these costs and even take you on a daily tour all over the destination city you've chosen. Take the time to compare the costs of two to five tour agencies to ensure that you are getting the best rates. If you are traveling alone or with your family, make sure you plan and carry enough credit to cover the accommodation, food and travel costs.

In the end, it all comes down to the route, the churches or religious cities you've chosen to visit and the money you are willing to spend on the trip. However, the experience of visiting these religious centers will be definitely be well worth the cost and effort.